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wesley - 1 month

a little late, but i thought that i should a least try to do a monthly wesley update post.  if nothing else, it will be nice for us to have a record of these things, plus i'm assuming that at least the grandparents will read this :)

stats:  at his one month appointment, wesley weighed 10 lbs 2 oz, which put him right at 50% for weight.  he grew an inch in length and was 22", which is 75%.  his head size was also at 75%.  he never really fit in newborn sized clothing, and is currently wearing size 0-3.  he's actually already outgrown some of his clothes in this size.

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eating/sleeping:  welsey is doing great with both eating and sleeping.  he seems to have put himself on a schedule, and has been on it since he was 2 weeks old.  he has some off days, but for the most part he gets up around 9, eats, and then is happy just hanging out and napping.  he'll eat again around 1, and then take a decent nap in the afternoon.  the afternoons are also when i try to run any errands or make appointments.  he eats again around 5, which has been really nice because he is usually ok with hanging out in his swing while we eat dinner.  he's awake most of the evening, and that's when we try to do tummy time, bath time, go for a walk, etc.  he'll take a bottle from dad around 9/9:30, and then he's been going to bed around 10 or 11.  he will usually sleep most of the night, getting up once around 3 or 4 to eat.  he's actually even slept through the night a few times.  no complaints from us!

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milestones:  we started using our cloth diapers around week 3, and have been really liking them so far.  we've also gone out for a few walks, and have been able to go out to dinner a few times.  wesley is generally just really relaxed and happy, so we've been able to do more than i thought we would in the first month.  per our dr's recommendation, we introduced a bottle a few weeks ago to make sure we had time to work with him before taking him to daycare.  he took the bottle like it was no big deal though, so no issues there!  he's great at tummy time - he seems to have good head control and has even managed to flip himself over a few times.  we also had our first date out without wesley this past month, we went to our favorite wine bar for a drink when mike's parents were visiting.  wesley did great with his grandparents.

misc.:  we've had 2 family visits over the last month.  my parents drove out when wesley was born, and then mike's parents and youngest brother visited a few weeks ago.  it was so nice to have extra people around.  the pets have been doing really well with wes.  murphy esp. loves wesley and loves to give him kisses.  both cooper and murphy will run to his room in the morning to check on him, and have to make sure he's ok if he starts to cry.  

iPhone backup 7.22.2013

the first month has gone by very quickly and i can't believe how much he's changed already!


wesley michael

wesley was born a few weeks ago on the 21st, 4 days before my due date.  he was 8 lbs 3 oz, 21" long, and had a head full of dark hair.


we had a few scares during labor, but he is just perfect and i have had a good recovery so far.


i'm hesitant to say this because i know it can quickly change, but we're doing really well.  he's a decent sleeper - we usually can get a 3-4 hour stretch each night.  he's doing great with eating, and is just generally a happy baby.


we've mostly been hanging out at home, but have managed to get out for a few walks, and even went to a family dinner on the 4th.


we are so in love.



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