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wesley - 3 months

stats: no dr's appointment this month, so not sure on his weight or height. but he seems like he's just getting longer. he still is a skinny guy. right around 3 months we made the switch to 3-6 month clothing, mostly because he was getting too long for the smaller size. 

eating/sleeping:  wesley started daycare when he was 11 weeks old, and i was a little worried about how that transition would impact his eating and sleeping schedule.  it took us a week or so to figure out how many bottles (and how much in each bottle) he needed for daycare, but we seem to be on a good schedule now.  he is still sleeping through the night, although we had to stop using the swaddle because he was moving around too much.  he still isn't really rolling, but he's all over the place in his crib, often 180* in the morning from where i put him the night before.  we have a breathing/motion detector monitor, and while it is nice to have that reassurance that everything is ok with him, he tends to set it off at night because he moves so far away from the sensor pad.  waking up to the alarm going off is not fun!
our schedule during the week has us waking wesley up at 6:30.  he is usually still sound asleep, but is happy after he wakes up, so i try to not feel too bad about waking him.  he will eat, and then just hang out while mike and i finish getting ready for work.  he tends to drink 3, 4 oz bottles at daycare, spaced about 3 hours apart.  sometimes he takes a few decent naps, sometimes not.  he's never had a predictable nap schedule.  he seems to really like daycare, his teachers are so nice and he's always happy when we drop him off or pick him up.  wesley will eat again when we get home from daycare, and then still is awake most of the evening.  it's nice to be able to spend time with him playing before he goes to bed.  he usually eats again around 8:30, and then we put him to bed.

milestones:  probably the biggest milestone this month is smiling!  wesley loves to smile and we love to see him smile.  he also has started to take extra interest in his hands, and is beginning to hold on to small toys, blankets, and our fingers.  he has also started to coo and "talk" to us, which is fun.  sometimes he has a lot to say!

misc.:  the most exciting thing this month was our first trip to ohio!  wesley and i flew to ohio a few days early for labor day weekend.  as worried as i was about flying with a 9 week old, wesley did great on the plane.  he smiled at everyone around us, and was happy the entire flight.

we got to see lots of friends and family while in ohio.  wesley met his great-grandparents, and his uncles.  we also got to spend time with a group of friends from high school, and meet their kids as well.  it was a great weekend and i'm so glad we were able to make the trip.  mike drove to ohio on friday to spend the weekend with us, and then all of us drove back on monday.  wesley also was a champ with the 7 hour car ride, we only had to stop once to feed him!
wesley also got to go to his first rugby game this month.  we showed our team support with the purple outfit (it is hard to find purple for boys!).  wesley seems to like to be outside, so hopefully we will be able to continue to go to mike's rugby games throughout the fall.

on the day that wesley actually turned 3 months old, it was really nice outside so we went to the park to take some photos (with the good camera!  really need to take more nice photos... i tend to take more with my phone). 


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