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st. maarten

st. maarten was our adventure day. well, as adventurous as we get on vacation. we signed up for a bike tour of the city. riding along the boardwalk wasn't so bad (except when you were trying not to hit people and/or cars), but see those hills in the background? yeah... that was difficult.
speaking of difficult, do you know how hard it is to take pictures while riding a bike? this is why i only have pictures at the bottom of the hill, and then again at the top of the hill.

the island was beautiful, we only saw the dutch side, but i think we all agreed that this is an island we'd like to see more of.


we took a break on our way up the hill to take some pictures. it didn't rain while we were in st. maarten, it was just a little cloudy in the morning.

there's our ship, it looks so giant.

can you see the great bay salt pond in the distance?

we biked up to a fort, the view was beautiful.

i would highly recommend the bike tour, our guide was really knowledgable on the history of the city, and we were able to see many different things. after returning our bikes, we took a boat taxi (we could have walked, but a boat taxi just seemed fun) back to the beach. we had lunch on the beach, and then spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing.

i had to include the picture below - see the flag? ohio state fans are everywhere :-)


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on the 4th day of our cruise we were scheduled for a morning kayak and snorkel adventure in antigua. and when we woke up docked in antigua, it was storming. as in lighting, thunder, heavy rain storming. we decided to cancel our shore excursion (which ended up being canceled by the tour company anyway) and wait out the storm. we had a leisurely breakfast on the ship while we waited to see what was going to happen with the weather. after a little while, the thunder and lighting had stopped so we decide to brave the weather and go out on our own. but of course as soon as we left the ship it started raining even harder.


we found a map, and a cab, and had the driver take us to a nearby beach. it rained on and off while we were at the beach, but we still enjoyed walking along the shoreline, some swimming, and had lunch.


in the end we still had a nice time in antigua (hey, even vacation in the rain is still vacation!), but were all happy when it started to clear up towards the end of the day.

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st. lucia

day 3 of the cruise = st lucia. mike and i actually went to st. luica for our honeymoon, so we were excited to go back and see the island. we had signed up for a catamaran tour, sailing down the west coast to the grand pitons and back.


it rained, on and off, for the entire day. we found out it was hurricane season in the carribean, and while the rain and bad weather usually come later in the summer, they were getting some storms the week of our trip. while we were disappointed that we didn't see much of the sun that day, at least the rain wasn't that bad (mostly just sprinkled), and we were on a boat anyway.


the boat tour only had one stop - and it just happen to be in the same bay as the resort that we had stayed at during our honeymoon! we all got off the boat for a quick swim.


this is where we stayed on our honeymoon - ti kaye is the name of the resort, it's not very big but the cabins, staff, and the food were all amazing. i would highly recommend it! it was fun to see it again.


we continued on our tour until we reached the grand pitons. you can see how dark the sky was! after pausing for photos at the pitons, the catamaran turned around and went back up the coast. on the return trip they were able to use the sails.


even with the rain, it was still a great tour. st. lucia is a beautiful island.

next up, antigua!

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we took a much needed vacation to go on cruise in the caribbean with my family. it was so nice, it was difficult to come back to st louis! esp. since it's been so hot and humid here lately.

the cruise left from puerto rico. the first day was at sea - we spend the day eating, sitting by the pool, eating, more sitting by the pool (i think i took a nap in there somewhere) and then the first formal dinner. it was a very relaxing day, and a nice start to the vacation.


day 2 - barbados! we had signed up for a few shore excursions throughout our trip through the ship. our excursion in barbados was in the afternoon so we were able to spend a few hours in the morning walking around bridgetown, doing some shopping and sight seeing. that afternoon, we took a bus tour of the city that included a brewery tour and tour of a local rum distillery.


the tour guide was really good and we had a fun group.


the tour ended with a stop at the beach. after seeing many other beaches throughout the caribbean on this trip, the one on barbados had the finest, whitest sand. it was a beautiful beach.


next up, st. lucia! also know as the day we began to discover what "hurricane season" means in the caribbean.



i thought it had been a while since the last post, i didn't realize it's been a month! we've been keeping busy with summer festivals, bike rides, and i've even been trying to learn how to golf. there has been very little house work so i guess i haven't had much to blog about... and it might be a little while still before we get back into house projects. in the meantime, i will try to do some other posts on what we've been up to, starting with this:
yep, we took a cruise last week. more pictures/details to come!

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