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4 years later

and i finally bought new bases for my eames chairs!

i have looked at new bases several times but had always been hesitant to buy them because of 1) the cost, and 2) the wide mount shocks.  my vintage eames chairs had wide mount bases on them and the new bases that i wanted only fitted the narrow mounts.  i read many tutorials about detaching and re-mounting the shock mounts, but honestly it kind of scared me...

then, about a year ago i was reading chezerbey's blog and saw that they had found reproduction bases for wide mount chairs from a company called modern conscience.  this solved half of my problem, then i only had to deal with the cost...

i found out in december that i have been with my current company for 5 years.  as part of my "thanks for being such a loyal employee" certificate, they also sent me a visa gift card.  i decided that an unexpected gift card + the long overdue need (yes need) for new chair bases, meant it was finally time to place an order.

i went with the walnut/black dowel base and i couldn't be happier.  the company was great to work with (had an issue with some missing hardware, which they quickly shipped to me), the price was reasonable, and the quality (so far) seems fantastic.  the first one was a little tricky to put together, but after we realized we needed to add a few washers where the base mounts to the chair, the rest went together much faster.  
nice, right?  now i just need to clean the dining room so i can take a better picture of all the chairs.  we've been using the dining room table as a staging area for the baby room and bathroom projects, so it might be a little while before i can post a proper picture.



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