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i've had this window open on my computer for days... i'll write a sentence or two, but it never seems to come out the way that i want it. i am struggling to find the right words. this is not an easy post to write, but i feel that i need to write something. perhaps it will help. but i will warn you now that this is going to be a sad one.

if you have been reading my blog for a little while, or if you know us in real life, you probably know how important our pets are to us. we got our 2 dogs and the 2 cats 6.5 years ago, and we consider them to be our family. we love them very much, and we've all been through a lot together.

last wednesday, one of our dogs, reese, passed away very suddenly.

reese was our happy dog, he loved everyone and everything. i can remember the day that we got reese and cooper - there were over a dozen puppies in the litter and right away reese picked out mike. while we looked at and played with all of the puppies, reese just kept following mike around. he was devoted from the very beginning. we ended up taking home 2 puppies that day, and it was one of the best things we've ever done. even though they were very different, reese and cooper were inseparable, and we couldn't have asked for better dogs.

we always referred to reese as our "perfect golden". he had the best smile, and would always give you puppy-dog eyes if he wanted something. he loved belly rubs, peanut butter, and stealing toys away from cooper. even as he got older he would still bounce around the house in excitement when we came home from work, or if we mentioned the word "walk". he gave lots of kisses, and he would sit for hours with his head in your lap, just waiting for you to pet him.

i'd like to think that we gave him a great life. our dogs have gone on vacation with us and always travel with us for family visits. one of the big reasons why we bought our house was because we wanted to give the dogs a yard to play in. when reese had shoulder issues a few years ago (his only prior health problem) we didn't think twice before emptying our savings to pay for his surgery.

we do not know what happened last wednesday, and i don't think we'll ever know for sure. i came home from work and everything was normal. i let the dogs out in the backyard just as mike was arriving home from work. reese was standing on the deck between us. he was fine, and then he was not, and then he was gone. mike and i rushed him to the emergency vet but there was nothing that they could do. they tell us it was probably a heart attack or a blood clot. there were no warnings, no signs. i do take comfort in the fact that mike and i were both there with him, and that i don't think he really suffered.

i am amazed at how much your life can change in just 30 seconds.


the last week has been very difficult, but we're starting to do a little better. our house seems empty, it is strange. we've been trying to keep busy and that helps. cooper has been calm and mellow, i think that he really misses reese. we've been spending extra time with him and giving him extra love. honestly i think that trying to be strong for cooper is also helping me.

we were so lucky and so blessed to have reese in our lives, even if our time with him was cut short. we will always love him, and he will never be forgotten.


thrift store finds

this post is about 3 weeks late, but it's taken me that long to kind of clean up the house enough that i could take a few pictures. and to clean up the house enough to find my camera...

the day after christmas i went shopping with my mom. i wasn't planning on buying anything because we had limited packing space in the car. but then i found a new store... a vintage store... in the mall.

the store was an interesting concept. they mixed vintage furniture and accessories with some new decor items. anything marked with a "v" on the price tag was vintage. they had a decent collection of mid century furniture. and, the day that i went, everything in the entire store was 50% off. it's probably a good thing i was limited on packing space!! but don't worry, i did buy a few smaller things, i haven't had a chance to take a picture of everything i bought, but here are a few of my favorite finds:
the candlesticks were the first things i picked up. i was already excited about them, and then i spotted the teapot. i may or may not have run across the room. isn't it fantastic??
right now the teapot and candlesticks are on the buffet, along with the gray tray from west elm that my mom got me for christmas. (the white candle holder on the corner of the mantel was also from the same vintage store).
the vintage decanter and the cocktail glasses were a gift from my uncle, and the wine decanter was a gift from my brother-in-law. i don't know if i will keep everything on top of the buffet, but for now it is one of the few clean surfaces in the house.

i bought a few other things at the vintage store, but they are still packed away. i'll post a few more pictures once i start to put the house back together!

and before anyone asks, yes, we are still working on the floors. we didn't get anything done over the weekend (but we did enjoy a lazy weekend!!) - i hope to have more progress photos to post soon.


entryway floors

we're still working away on the floors, last weekend we were able to finish up the entry.
DSC_0846 ugh, that door....

DSC_0847 yep, the new toilet is still hanging out by the front door. is it bad that i don't even notice it anymore?
we'll fix the baseboards when we fix the stairs, but it's already a huge improvement from the plywood patch job that we've been living with for the last 2.5 years.
now we just need to finish the kitchen and the bathroom. and then super clean....


downstairs half bath ideas

i am quickly running out of time to "think" about what new finishes i'd like for the half bath, we would like to be able to put it back together as soon as the floors are done. i need to make some final decisions!

just trying to put my ideas together...
half bath3

the materials that i already have:
a similar sink
a new white toilet
the mirror from ikea (in a darker color, and i will probably stain differently or paint frame)
the new floors!
i've ordered that faucet

what i need:
lighting (ceiling and wall)
paint color
stain/paint decision on woodwork

and we have a very small budget. and i have the amazing ability to only like/pick the most expensive lighting...



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