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family room floor (flor?) + chairs

A few days after I wrote the last post I came across several other bloggers who had recently used flor carpet tiles in their homes.  I had briefly considered flor tiles, but I had never seen a style that I really liked, as they usually look like individual squares.  But after seeing some photos of the Suit Yourself pattern, I started considering flor tiles again for our family room.  Some of the pro's are that they would be an acceptable "temporary" solution because they could easily be reconfigured and reused as a smaller rug if we decided to do hardwood someday.  The are also more pet/kid friendly in that we could replace a damaged tile or 2 without having to replace everything.  On the negative side, it's not nearly as cushioned as rolled carpet, and the loop pile might be an issue with our dog claws (they tend to snag carpet).  I was able to get some full size samples though, and we've been testing them out:

The dogs would not leave me alone for the photo, sorry!  We are leaning towards the lightest color, and they seem to be pretty durable.  Now we just need to decide if we're ok with the lack of cushion. Here's a link to the same color installed over at Chris loves Julia.  

The red carpet has got to go, it never looks clean and it's driving me a little crazy!

Speaking of crazy colors, in other news, I've been looking for a pair of chairs either for the family or living room, and I found these a few weeks ago on Craigslist:  

They are "his and hers", so same shape, just a different size.  And apparently I cannot take photos without including a toddler and/or a dog...  The blue fabric isn't a horrible color, but it is in really bad shape and faded. so we will be reupholstering them.  We also need to adjust the springs at the same time.  My mom has reupholstered things in the past, and has even helped me reupholster a few pieces as well.  I'm hoping that we can tackle this project soon.

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