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wesley - 7 months

i have written the 7 month post twice now, and blogger has lost the content both times.  so this one might be short so i can get it published :)  i have a lot of photos though - since wesley turned 7 months on jan 21, this post also includes the christmas photos.
stats:  we took wesley in mid january for his 6 month appt (it got pushed back because of weather and office closings).  he weighed 15 lbs, 7 oz and was 27" long.  he seemed fine and healthy, but the dr was concerned that he had dropped on his weight percentage curve.  he was at 75% at birth, and had been in the upper range for the first few months, and then started to drop.  at his 6 month appt he was only on the 5% curve.  she asked that we do some blood tests, just to make sure that everything was ok.  wesley was a champ for the tests, he didn't even seen to notice the needle.  thankfully, everything came back ok.  we starting giving him more solid foods, and after a few weeks his weight was starting to pick back up again and he was 16 lbs 1 oz at 7 months.  i think he's just an active little guy!!  we started transitioning to 9 month clothes, although he was still able to wear some 6 month things.

eating/sleeping:  wesley continues to get 3, 5 oz bottles at daycare and nurses 3 times a day.  he loves all foods that we've given him.  we've offered him both pureed food and some soft solids (avocado, bananas, cooked sweet potato wedges).  he also started eating some puffs, and oatmeal in the mornings.

wesley had a few rough nights around 7 months when he was teething, but that only lasted about a week or so.  i was impressed with how well he slept when we were in ohio for christmas, he had no issues with the pack n play.  he started to have more of a nap "schedule" on the weekends, and seemed to prefer to go down for a longer nap around 10.  
milestones:  wesley continued to work on sitting unsupported and moving around on his tummy.  he gave us his first big laugh this month - laughing at his dad.  he also got his third tooth on the bottom.  this month wesley also started being able to sit in highchairs at restaurants and in the cart when we went shopping.  it was nice to not have to carry the big car seat everywhere!

misc.:  we spent 10 days in ohio at christmas and wesley loved it all.  i think his favorite part (besides all of the attention), was the wrapping paper and the boxes.  he was spoiled and recieved plenty of toys and new clothes. 

he continues to love all of the pets.  murphy still gives him unlimited kisses, so we have to keep an eye on murph when he's around wesley.  i'm pretty sure he would just keep licking wesley if we didn't make him stop :)

wesley's friend lana had a ball pit for her first birthday party, they were so cute playing in it together!!

i'm ending his 7 month post with a few photos from christmas.  i was going to do a separate christmas post, but since it's already march...  probably best to just insert them here :)






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