still not sure


the room is completely painted and i'm loving the gray color and the chalkboard wall. i went with wet pavement by valspar for the gray - i loved the slate color by restoration hardware but it was pretty dark and looked almost purple in some light. the other two gray colors i also liked but thought they were too light with the black chalkboard. wet pavement was a good balance. i really like how both colors look with the woodwork. mike used restor-a-finish on the woodwork and it looks fantastic. we have this product in a few different shades for the woodwork throughout our house and i highly recommend it. we still need to install the quarteround along the bottom of the baseboards, so ignore that part.

the problem is, i still have no idea how to arrange this room. no idea. we tried several different arrangements over the weekend and ended up with all of the furniture back in the middle of the room.

above is the desk and desk chair that i have that i've been thinking of painting. it doesn't look all that bad against the chalkboard wall but it does make it difficult to reach most of the wall then.


and then there is the big green chair/ottoman and our old table (it expands to about twice that size)...

the problem is, the table just doesn't really fit nicely into the space. but, i think that it could be more functional than the desk if i wanted to do any type of project up here. it is too heavy to store in the basement and just bring up as needed. the desk is from my bedroom growing up (pre-computers!) and has a ton of great storage, but not a lot of surface space. more than likely i'd only have a laptop in here anyway so the desk would work fine for that. the green chair is really comfy but not really the style i'd pick.

we have decided that we are going to make a shelf, we went and bought a few pieces yesterday and have been working on a layout. we're actually designing it using the chalkboard wall to sketch/plan, love it! one thought is to try to incorporate some type of large work surface into this shelf. i have a few thoughts on how to make that work, but i'm not sure about it. i really like this unit as is and i'm afraid that it might not look right with a work surface built in. plus i tried to make a table once before and it was a big giant fail. we would probably build this shelf on the wall opposite the door (the wall with the desk on it in the second picture above) and we would make it so that it would hold a flat screen tv. the shelf will take up most of that blank space so nothing else would fit on the wall. and then you'd want to chair to be opposite the tv...

so that's where we're at... still a work in progress. any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated... i wish that i could just start over with all new furniture, but that's just not in the budget for now. i think the chair and ottoman needs to stay. i'm not against the desk and/or table going away - but i do need some kind of desk/work surface.

reese decided he likes the sunshine in this room, but does not like it when we keep re-arranging the furniture.

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8 Responses to still not sure

carrie said...

What if you expanded the table {to be used as desk & project space} in front of chalkboard wall, move the chair & ottoman where the desk is now, the TV to where the chair is and ditch the desk? You could move the table away from the wall a little, if you wanted total access to the chalkboard.

Good luck!

Katie said...

i'll have to try the table in front of the chalkboard wall again. i don't know why this room is giving me so much trouble - probably because it's the last room so it just gets the random leftover furniture :-)

LifeBegins@Thirty said...

Love the chalkboard wall - that is so cool!!

Maybe you should paint the desk first - you might be having layout issues because you don't like the look of the furniture together? Just an idea...

Livinia Redlips said...

Chair to the wall by the window w/o the radiator.

TV to the opposite wall (across from chair) near radiator.

Flat desk - on chalkboard wall. Paint the chair orange!

Remove the wooden desk.

Love your floor color!

Dennis and Su said...

The chalkboard wall must be really fun to draw on! I like it.

Reese looks like he thinks you should just make up your mind already! It must be nice to be a dog. lol

Dennis and Su said...

I went back and tried to look at the room's layout. I think I'd go somewhat spartan... find a new home for your childhood desk and perhaps it's chair. Make a cozy area for the chair, ottoman, and TV. Expand the long table and put it away from a wall (mid room?) so you can freely move around it and leave the chalkboard wall accessible. Don't know if that would work but hey, I can't see the room.

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

The Brick House shelving unit is so crazy awesome. I can't wait to see how this looks when you're done! Also, your room is a fantastic space.

Katie said...

thanks everyone for the comments! i have a few ideas - seems like most of you think i should ditch the desk so i'm going to try a layout with that. i agree with all of the comments of putting the chair opposite the radiator... but that is where the cable hookup is and i don't really want to have to move it. plus i think i'd prefer having the shelving unit on that wall (with tv)??? i'll try to do another post today :-) you all are the best!


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