downstairs half bath ideas

i am quickly running out of time to "think" about what new finishes i'd like for the half bath, we would like to be able to put it back together as soon as the floors are done. i need to make some final decisions!

just trying to put my ideas together...
half bath3

the materials that i already have:
a similar sink
a new white toilet
the mirror from ikea (in a darker color, and i will probably stain differently or paint frame)
the new floors!
i've ordered that faucet

what i need:
lighting (ceiling and wall)
paint color
stain/paint decision on woodwork

and we have a very small budget. and i have the amazing ability to only like/pick the most expensive lighting...

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2 Responses to downstairs half bath ideas

meryl rose said...

I LOVE that light!

matthew said...

and if you need a new painting I am sure we could work something out ;-)


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