bathroom lighting take 2

why is it so difficult to find inexpensive but nicely designed lighting for bathrooms? i have been looking for months for a simple overhead light and a sconce that i like and can afford for our half bath - and i think that i finally found a good option! i was thinking that the fixtures seemed really familiar and then realized that it is the same combo that anna at door sixteen used in her downstairs bathroom.

i love love love anna's bathroom, so i was excited to see that she used the same fixtures. the only problem is that anna's bathroom is everything that mine is not - large with tall ceilings, has natural light, simple clean finishes and fixtures (matte black penny tiles on the floor!!!), the list could go on and on...

keep in mind that i am working with this:
a few weeks ago i posted this material board, trying to put together a few of the things that we are working with.
half bath3 yeah, that light above is super expensive. even with my architect discount, still way out of my price range for just a single light. so to recap, we have a similar vanity, new white toilet, the faucet, and the hardwood floor. i'm still trying to talk mike into painting the walls a dark gray. i have the mirror pictured above (from ikea) but it will not fit in the space if we install a sconce beside the mirror. so i might be attempting to diy something similar... we'll see.
but back to the lighting - i found this:

it is the alabax surface light from school house electric.

paired with a truman sconce, also from school house electric.

i was instantly drawn to the alabax fixture in the black porcelain. i know that anna mixed finishes in her bathroom, using the black alabax fixture and the sconce in white porcelain. i think that my bathroom might be too small for that. but i can't decide which color i like better. for some reason i feel like the sconce should be white...

here is a picture of the alabax fixture in white:
so my question to you - would you mix finishes? should i just get them both in white? the ceiling will be painted white and i'm not planing on having anything else black in the room. would the black fixture be too much for such a small space? it's just so pretty....

i gave myself the deadline of today to make a decision, because we need to patch drywall and finish up the floors asap. and in order to patch drywall, i need to know if we're installing a sconce or a light above the mirror... decisions decisions.

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3 Responses to bathroom lighting take 2

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

I think mixing finishes is just fine. Good luck!

Lighting said...

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Lightingstyle said...

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