- in between lots of work (me) and rugby (mike) we've been doing some of this:

followed by some of this:
2 cardinal games in 2 weeks! and they won both games! (sorry for the iphone pics)

- oh, yeah - i finally got an iphone. and i already don't know how i lived so long without it.

- mike won tickets to a concert through work... what concert you ask? only the greatest concert ever! we're going to BON JOVI on sunday. i.can.not.wait!!

- our house turns 100 this year, and we've decided to throw our house a party. plus we said that we would have our house warming party after we fixed the floors... and that was 3 years ago. we're working on the details for the party, but i'm looking forward to spending time with our friends enjoying the house.

- even though we've been really busy, we've managed to find some time to work on a project. here's a preview, the rest of the pictures coming soon..

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2 Responses to misc.

H HoopThiel said...

I love the idea of a birthday party for your house!!! I hate that we live so far away. Miss you guys.

InteriorGroupie said...

Love the birthday party for your house!! you get to dress it up and celebrate!


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