puerto rico

are you tired of reading about my vacation yet? sorry for so many posts, i guess i shouldn't have broken it up by days... this will be the last one though, promise!

puerto rico was the departure/arrival port for our cruise. on the last day we had to leave the ship super early in the morning, but we all had afternoon flights home. at the last minute we decided to book one last excursion through the boat. the minimal expense to ride around on a bus tour of the city vs. sitting at the airport for extra hours seemed worth it.


it was so worth it! i didn't know why, but i had no expectations for puerto rico. not bad, not good, i just didn't know what to expect i guess. the city is very beautiful.


our tour included a stop at an old fort, not only was the fort full of interesting history, it also had some amazing views of the city.




and that's it!

i've been working on a few things for the house, i plan to share the details with you all soon. meanwhile, i hope that everyone is enjoying their summer! do you all have the same gross weather that we've been having? i'm so over the "feels like 100+ degree" days, gotta love st louis summers...

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2 Responses to puerto rico

Anonymous said...

I had a professor at college who would always rave about how beautiful Puerto Rico is. I'm glad to see he was right! *laughs*

It looks like you had the perfect end to a very awesome trip. Cheers!

Jileen said...

Hi Katie, my family is originally from Puerto Rico however I never visited San Juan before, thanks for posting, it looks beautiful. I hope you enjoyed your trip!


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