lake michigan

lets not talk about how it's going to be 106* today... again... or how the kitchen is still not done, or how i turned 30 a few weeks ago and am in denial about it, or how far behind i am with blog posts....

instead, here are a few fun pictures from our vacation.

we rented a beach house on lake michigan with some of our bestest friends and spent a week doing, well, basically nothing. and it was glorious. i read several books, sat on the beach, attempted to play golf, ate lots of good food, and just enjoyed spending time with people that i don't get to see enough. we all turned 30 this year and wanted to do something fun to celebrate.


we rented a cottage right on the lake, the beach was our front yard.


the sunsets each night were amazing, i took about 500 photos of just sunsets.




have you ever seen kite surfing? it was really cool to watch, i was impressed with how high some of these guys would jump!



and since we were in michigan... O-H-I-O!


campfire on the beach with s'mores? don't mind if i do. every night.


lake mi2

we had a really nice vacation, mike and i are already trying to figure out how we can get our own lake michigan beach house...  maybe someday.

lake mi

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