we have a few big projects planned for 2013 - and most of them will take place on the second floor of our house.  this is our current second floor plan:

floor plan 1
we have 5 rooms upstairs - our bedroom, a guest room, an office, the den, and our only full bathroom. the biggest house project that we have planned for 2013 is our bathroom remodel. we are already in the planning stages of that project, so i will post a separate post with photos and ideas soon. meanwhile, we are in the process of re-arranging the functions of the rooms upstairs.  we are going to move the desk/computer from the office into the den. the den, while a nice idea in concept, really hasn't been used much lately. the plan is to make it into more of a family room, with a larger couch, tv, our computer, and plenty of storage. once we have emptied the office, the guest room will move to the back of the house. and what will we be doing with the empty room at the front? well, here's the goal:

floor plan 2
and so we're doing all of this work (plus a few other projects) with a tight deadline - baby is due at the end of june!  we are excited...  and a little overwhelmed... but mostly excited :-)

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5 Responses to changes

Lauren said...

Yay!! Congratulations!!

Allan Murray said...

Looks an amazing renovation. Best wishes!

Pantry Doors

Dennis N Su Jones said...

So exciting! We are so glad to hear your news! Your folks seem pretty excited as well. The plan looks great and we know it will look wonderful when finished.

Rachel Lambes said...

Oh yay!! How exciting! Congratulations :D

Chase Conely said...

Congrats! A bathtub is a very special place for me. It may sounds weird but it is where I try to forget all the stressful details of the day.

Chase Conely


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