new (to us) chairs

3 posts in one day? Crazy! I just had to share with you our most recent purchase for the house though. I found these chairs on craigslist back in December. The guy was actually selling a table and 4 of these chairs were in the background of the picture. I emailed him and asked if he would sell me the chairs. He said he would, but the price was just way too much for it being right before Christmas. So I tried to forget about them, but I just couldn't. Last week I emailed him again and asked if he, by chance, still had the chairs. He did, and not only that, he actually had 10 of them, not just the 4 that I had originally seen. So Mike and I went to look at them over the weekend.

They are vintage Eames fiberglass chairs, made by Herman Miller in 1968. They have the stamp and the date on the bottom. I love them, I love their color, I love how they look with our table. They are so much more comfortable than our $20 Ikea chairs that we had before.

I don't love the stacking base. But, you can buy new reproduction bases in a few different styles. Here are my two favorites:
This is the Eiffel base

And this is the Dowel base. I love the dowel base but it is twice as expensive as the eiffel base.
Eventually, someday, I hope that we can get all new bases for our chairs. Because our chairs are stacking chairs though, they have the base mounts in a slightly different configuration (wide mount vs. narrow mount), so we'll need to either move the mounts to accommodate the new bases, or buy a conversion kit. Either way, new bases will cost more than what we paid for the chairs.
Being the bargain hunter that I am, we were able to get the guy to sell us 6 chairs for the price he was asking for 4. I still feel that we paid a little more than I would have liked, but I also feel that when buying chairs on craigslist, it is difficult to find 6 matching chairs. Similar sets sell on Ebay for much more than what I paid, so I'm ok with it.

Now I just need to start saving up for new bases...

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2 Responses to new (to us) chairs

Dennis and Sue said...

A guy had 10 Eames chairs? Amazing! They do look awesome with your table. I also like the Dowel base the best. Very nice!

Katie said...

Mike actually picked out the 6 that we bought, I think that he had 7 in this color, and 3 in a slightly darker gray.

He also had a whole basement full of great mid century furniture and light fixtures, but he was asking a lot of $$ for some of the other things I asked about. It's much better when the seller doesn't really know what they have :-)


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