it's taking longer than expected (it always does), but we are making progress with the house projects.  the tub refinisher came a few weeks ago and now we have a white tub!  it looks great, a big improvement over the blue tub. 

my family also visited last week and were a huge help with both the bathroom project and the baby room.  in the bathroom, the tile is now done, we just need to grout a few areas.  the walls and trim have also been painted.  we still need to build the sink and do the closet project, but we're getting there. 
in the baby room, the first thing we needed to do before putting the room back together was to fix a few electrical issues.  the room only had one outlet, and it didn't even really work.  the lack of outlets really limited what we could do with the room, and having extension cords running across the baby room didn't seem like a good solution.  with my family's help, we were able to remove all of the baseboards, fix the existing outlet, and add 3 more (one on each wall).  the previous owners had also installed drywall over the plaster walls without removing any of the woodwork, which has always annoyed me (the drywall stuck out over the woodwork).  since we had to remove the baseboards to run the new electric, we were able to reinstall them in a way that looks much better.  we also ended up painting the baseboards since they were in such bad shape.  we are not planning on painting the window frame or the doors, but we might still paint the door frames.  we're going to wait and see how it looks once things start to go back together.   
my mom helped sew new curtains and a crib skirt for the baby, and we were able to finally put the crib together yesterday.   

my family also drove with me to ikea to pick up a new sectional for the upstairs den, and some misc. items for the baby room.  i feel really good about the progress that we've made on both the bathroom and the baby room, maybe my family should come visit more often :-)

speaking of progress...

we'll be 29 weeks tomorrow, crazy!  sorry for the work bathroom photo, but i never seem to remember to take photos at home.

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3 Responses to progress

Dennis N Su Jones said...

Love the crib! I've never seen one like it! You look great too!

InteriorGroupie said...

Congratulations (belated)!! And the bathroom is looking great - we considered hexagon tiles as well! Some great progress on both fronts.

Allison aka Half of VAMH said...

Awww! You look SO cute!! And I love your purchases so far! I bought the kitchen cart from IKEA too, for no real purpose but it has to come in handy somewhere right?


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