wesley's room

we actually finished wesley's room back in may/june, but i never got a chance to post about it.  better late than never?  esp. since my last update was in april!  looking back over my recent posts i realized i am behind on several house updates...  i'll work on that.

anyway, wesley's room.  we didn't do a "theme", we just wanted to keep it simple, and make good use of the small space.

right inside the door we have his books, the chair, and a small bench for additional storage.  i ended up putting the ikea cart beside the chair, but might remove it once he starts being more active.  i am still looking for some kind of light to put in this area for middle of the night feeding so i don't have to turn on the overhead light.  maybe a lamp behind the chair?  i love all of the books, and i can't wait for wesley to be excited about reading them.

on the other side of the window, we have his crib, the animal prints, and a themis mobile. probably not a traditional choice for a baby mobile, but i liked the bright colors and shapes and hopefully wes will too.  


next is the closet.  i forgot to take a more recent photo, but it is full now!  thanks to the grandmas, wesley has lots of clothes.  the closet never fit adult sized hangers, but works perfectly for baby size hangers.  we added the shelves for extra storage, there is also a shelf above the clothes rod, it must not have been installed when i took this photo.  we added the bottom shelf to cover up the angled floor - the closet is over the stairs.  it is difficult to tell in the photo, but the closet is painted gray, we used a sample paint left over from another project.


between the closet and the door, we have wesley's dresser, which we are also using as a changing table. i was excited when i found this dresser on craigslist, it is the perfect size to fit in the small space. since we are cloth diapering, the hanging wet bag is for dirty diapers. 

the map above the dresser is actually made of cork, i thought it would be a fun way to add photos of friends and family.

and that's it - the room is only about 10'x11', but it has everything that we need for wesley.  i really love the wall color and am glad that we decided to keep it.  i think that i've previously posted about some of the items in the room, but if you have any questions, let me know.

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8 Responses to wesley's room

Bunny @ 86n It said...

Where is the mobile from?

Katie said...

Thanks! I ordered the mobile online from MOMA.

Dennis N Su Jones said...

So gorgeous! Will you do my whole house next? Wesley's one lucky little boy in more ways than one!

LifeBegins@Thirty said...

Love it!! The wall colour is awesome and I really like the art as well. Great job!

Rachel Lambes said...

I love it! Everything looks perfect.

You might want to try a nightlight near the glider for nighttime feedings. Even a small lamp seems ridiculously bright in the night! Or you could be fancy and get one of those little nursing lights that clips onto your clothes ;)

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

That is a stunning nursery! I love love the cork globe, so cool. We do have a lamp in Ashford's room, but I actually just installed a dimmer on the main light and use that in the middle of the night. So much easier to hit the light at the door rather than stumble over toys to the lamp!

A Sills said...

Could you tell me the brand and name of the paint used here? It lovely. We have similar dark wood molding throughout our home as well and are looking for a Color like this.

Katie said...

The color is rainstorm by Sherwin Williams. We had it color matched by lowes, so this is valspar paint. Hope that helps :)


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