wesley - 5 months

i am behind on my monthly wesley posts, but hopefully i can catch up...  funny how once you have a baby, you no longer seem to have time to blog about the baby (or anything else)!!  wesley was 5 months old on november 21.

stats:  we did not have a dr appointment this month, but we did end up taking him in early december for an ear infection, so based on that weight, i'm guessing he was around 14 lbs, 6 oz at 5 months.  he's still long and skinny.  he was still wearing his 3-6 month clothes.

eating/sleeping:  wesley continues to take 3, 5 oz bottles to daycare, and is nursing 3x a day.  he is still a good sleeper - although his love for rolling around in his crib means that we usually have to move him back to the center a few times a night.  he also still loves his pacifier at night, and will start to get fussy if he wakes up and doesn't have it.  overall he's doing great with sleeping, and always wakes up with a big smile in the mornings.
his daily schedule is very similar to what i wrote in his 4 month post, although he seems to have dropped his evening nap.  he's still napping really well at daycare, and we're working on trying to make sure that he naps on the weekends.

milestones:  wesley still loves to smile, and "talk" to you.  this month he started being able to sit up unsupported for a few seconds, or longer when being held, so we start putting him at the table with us when we eat dinner.  he really started reaching for toys, and playing with them.  since he also likes to be upright, we bought him an exersaucer.  that's been nice to have, because he can play in that in the kitchen when we make dinner, or try to get a few others things done.

misc:  wesley dressed up as a skeleton for his first halloween.  he wore his outfit to daycare, and then when we passed out candy that evening.  he's also showing more interest in our pets.  i think that our cat eze is his current favorite.  she likes to sit next to him, and will tolerate him "petting" (pulling on) her fur.

my cute boys!  mike decided wesley needed to wear his tie onesie so that they could match.

such a happy little guy!

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One Response to wesley - 5 months

Dennis N Su Jones said...

Wow! What fun. The snap of Wesley and Mike is especially cute.


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