wesley - 8-11 months

wesley turned 1 on saturday!  i can't believe how quickly the last year has gone.  i wanted to do a one year post, but realized that i should probably do a quick catch up post first.  unfortunately, my phone decided to randomly delete the note that i was keeping with all of wesley's stats and milestones (note - do not keep important information only on your phone!).  i'm hoping that i can remember the important ones...

8 months:
the biggest milestone of wesley's 8th month was that he started crawling!  he had been rocking back and forth for a little while, and then one evening, he just took off.  shortly after he figured on the crawling thing, he also started pulling himself up on furniture.  we continued to introduce new foods to wesley, and he continued to love everything we gave him.  his favorite was bread - he loved to go out to eat at restaurants that had bread on the table.  he was still doing well with sleeping, although he sometimes woke up in the middle of the night wanting his pacifier, or to be held for a little while.  he was taking short morning naps at daycare, and a longer nap after lunch.  this is also about the time when we decided to make the big move to ohio - so we started telling our friends and family about our plans.

DSC_0053hanging out with murphy

standing by himself in his crib

9 months:
at his 9 month dr appointment, wesley was 17 lbs 11 oz, and was 28" long.  he was still on the higher end for height, and lower end for weight, he's always been a long skinny guy.  the dr didn't seem as concerned about his weight since he was still eating well.  wesley started getting a little more clingy this month, esp with me, and continued to wake up during the night a few times a week.  we were busy getting the house ready to be listed, and frantically packing up our belongings.  my mom came out to help us, and we moved to ohio at the end of his 9th month.  new things that he started this month included clapping and waving, which were super cute.  he liked to wave at random people - at the grocery store, restaurants, etc.  he also started putting his hands up in the air when you said "yay wesley" - also super cute.  his crawling skills improved, and he was starting to cruise along furniture.

before daddy's birthday dinner

one of our last dinners in stl - burgers with friends

10 months:
when wesley was 10 months old, we had just started living in ohio with our family, so our entire routine had changed.  the actual move to ohio with him was crazy - we didn't leave st louis with everything until early evening, and ended up driving well into the night.  mom road in my car with wesley and all of our pets, and mike drove the uhaul, towing our car.  on the plus side, wesley slept most of the drive.  i was also super sick during all of this (strep throat, nasty cold, and pink eye, all at once!) but luckily wesley didn't catch any of my illness.  leaving his daycare in st louis was difficult, but we were grateful to now have grandmas to help with his care.  setting up wesley's "room" was our top priority after arriving in ohio.  he has his own room at my parents house, and we made sure to set up his crib and his chair, trying to make it a little more comfortable and familiar for him.  he did great with the transition.  as part of my new job i had to work in the cincinnati office a few days a week for the first month. wesley was able to travel with me for the longer first week, and stayed at the hotel with my mom.  after that i tried to only be gone a night at a time and left him with mike.  the first few weeks we were in ohio he kept waking up once a night, maybe 3 or 4 times a week.  he would usually fall back asleep after 15-30 mins of rocking.  we started letting him fuss for a few mins before rushing in to soothe him, and he started waking up less and less.  his typical day included getting up around 7:00 to nurse, then he would have breakfast (baby cereal with fruit) and play.  he was taking about a 2 hour morning nap, followed by lunch (baby food), more play time, and another 2 hour afternoon nap.  he continued to get 3 bottles a day and would nurse again at night before bed.  during his 10th month we dropped his early evening nursing since he was eating more and more food with dinner.  his bedtime was around 8:00.  by the time he was 10 months old he really wanted to walk and was cruising on everything.  crawling was still his main way of getting around, and he started "speed crawling", sometimes even putting his head down for faster speed!  his cute new habit of the month was this really cheesy grin.  mid-april we had to give wesley his first haircut!  his hair was getting in his face, and we thought he needed a trim.  in april we also went on our first big family vacation - flying to california.  i'll post pictures of that trip in a separate post.

easter sunday (long hair)

traveling with me for work


first hair cut!

lazy weekend morning (he doesn't normally sleep in our bed, he just went back to sleep!)

out to dinner in california!

the aquarium in califonia

11 months:
wesley started walking while holding onto things - hands, furniture, and his new favorite toy - a red push wagon.  on 6/4 he finally took his first unassisted steps!  he loved walking, but would get really excited when he realized what he's doing, so he usually fell over after a few steps.  although he still wasn't saying any clear words, he continued to "talk" more and more, and always seemed to have something to say.  we also tried out his bike trailer this month, pulling him along as we went on bike rides.  he didn't care for the helmet at all, but had no issues sitting in the trailer.  one saturday we even took him on about a 15 mile ride, just stopping once for a lunch picnic.  he was a fan. at this point wesley was eating a wide variety of foods - both the toddler baby foods, and small pieces of food that we were eating.

uncle jonathan's graduation from miami (in front of dad's fraternity house), he looks so big!

having fun on graduation weekend

showing off his miami gear

love this little guy

playing in the water park downtown after the arts festival, the water was cold

playing in the baby pool

i think we're pretty much caught up.  i'm thinking that instead of doing monthly posts, since that obvs didn't work out, i might just try to do smaller posts on specific milestones or other events.  it's hard to keep up with the monthly posts, plus it's a little difficult to divide things up by specific months.

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