BatMan + Reese

A bat removal specialist came on Friday night. After inspecting our house and listening to where/when we'd seen the bats, he gave us the bad news (and then the worse news). We probably do have a nursery colony of bats, meaning there are probably lots of them living somewhere in our house (in the walls or above the ceiling or in old abandoned fire places, etc.) Fun fun. The worse news was how much it would cost to get rid of them! This was the only guy we've spoke too, but I'm not very optimistic that anyone else would be much less. Even half of the price that this guy quoted us would be too much for us right now. We haven't seen any other bats in our living space since Tuesday so I think that we're going to give it a few weeks and see what happens. We can't do anything right now anyway cause you can only seal off and bat proof a house after the babies are big enough to fly out, which will be in a few months. Bats are federally protected so you can't trap them like you could other pests. Apparently everyone who lives in the area probably has had or will have bats at some point, you just might never know because they might never make it into your living space. Bats can enter in through a hole as small in diameter as a pencil, and with old houses, there are little spaces like that everywhere. My uncle also called and gave us a tip of putting moth balls down in the basement cause bats don't like moth balls, so we might give that a try too.

On to good news - Reese is doing great! We were able to take him home on Saturday morning, the vet called and said he did really well Friday night and was already walking around. He was very excited to see us when we went to pick him up. He's able to walk and put pressure on his leg, which is good. He's supposed to be taking it easy, but he's not doing a very good job of relaxing. We try to carry him down the deck stairs to the backyard but he usually is out the door and down the stairs before we have a chance to stop him. He looks pretty funny, they had to shave his leg and part of his back and stomach to do the surgery. Now we just need to work on making sure he doesn't scratch at the stitches, you can even see in the picture where he's been scratching. I think he did that last night while we were sleeping. He seems like he's doing really well so far though and I am super happy with that, I was really worried about him.

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One Response to BatMan + Reese

Dennis and Su said...

OK, I'm freaking out just reading about the colony of bats. (see my comment on the previous entry)

Happy about Reese though. He looks like he has chicken flesh without his pretty fur. Such a good boy.


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