* our air conditioning is now fixed! best part is that the guy fixed it for free! he's my new favorite.

* mike and i decided to try to spend as little as possible at lowes in the month of may (after spending waaaaay too much on the house in april). we only bought some stuff for the lawn and a few flowers, not too bad!

* we've been really busy (and will continue to be busy) this summer... house work has slowed down, but we're still hoping to install the new floors downstairs in a few months. that will be the biggest project we've taken on so far, i'm excited but also a little nervous about all that we need to do to prepare for the floors.

* reese has been doing really well on his pain medicine, most of the time i forget that he even has something wrong. his surgery is still scheduled for the end of june.

* i take the leed exam on friday and i'm starting to panic.

* some of my favorite people went in together and got me the best ever birthday present, it's supposed to be delivered later this week and i cannot wait! i'm not allowed to have it until after the leed exam though. more on that later :-)

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One Response to randomness

BunnyMendelbaum said...

Don't panic about the LEED exam. I've heard from several sources that they have made it easier. :)


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