lake of the ozarks

we've lived in stl for over 3 years now and just now made it down to the lake of the ozarks. going to the lake has been on our to do list for awhile now, but every summer other things seem to come up and it gets pushed aside. this summer, my family started talking about possible family vacation/reunion locations and lake of the ozarks was mentioned. so 2 weekends ago, we spent a long weekend with the family, in a large rental house on the lake.

view from the back of the house

i've heard that parts of the lake can get pretty wild and crazy, but our house was off of a quiet cove and was the perfect place for all 17 of us (plus our dogs) to just relax and enjoy spending time together.
the whole family

mike and i drove down after work on friday and joined up with everyone else (who had already been there a day) - on saturday we rented some boats and had a great time out on the water. on sunday some of us went to check out the outlet stores (it started storming really bad when we were in the shoe store, and then the store got hit by lightening! crazy! luckily it didn't catch on fire and everyone was ok, but i took it as a sign that i shouldn't be buying shoes :-) it was a great weekend!

cooper enjoying the yard

reese trying to figure out how he can sit with mike

speaking of reese... he's been doing great after his surgery on his leg 2 months ago, but we went to a our yearly vet checkup on saturday and they said that his spleen seemed larger than it should (not sure how they could tell this) - we're going back on thursday for more x-rays, hopefully it is nothing, but we'd appreciate some nice thoughts...

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One Response to lake of the ozarks

Dennis and Su said...

The photos are fantastic, especially the one of the whole family. Loved it. The one with Mike and Reece was very cute as well.


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