louvered door

so lets talk for a moment about the louvered door. the louvered bathroom door...lets not talk about the pink wallpaper. someday we will work on the hallway. someday.... anyway, i have hated this bathroom door since the day we moved in. strong words, i know, but really, who puts a louvered door on a bathroom? and in a hallway with 4 other doors that are all the original 5 panel with dark stain that matches the rest of the woodwork? but besides the style and color, I feel that the bathroom is the one place where you need some, um, sound privacy...we're replacing the door with an old door that we bought when mom and dad were visiting back in march. i didn't say anything about the bathroom needing viewing privacy, just sound :-) i've been waiting to get an old door with frosted glass ever since i found the window in the bathroom. the upstairs hallway is very narrow and the bathroom is very tiny. i think that a door that allows light to come from the bathroom into the hallway (and the other way around) will make both spaces seem slightly larger and more open. at least that's my hope. i am also hoping that the frosted glass film that we used on our basement windows will work just as well on the door. i was unable to find an old door that fit all of the requirements, and the glass seemed to be the easiest to fix. if that doesn't work, we can always get a new piece of frosted glass. trying to make a not at all square old door fit into a slightly smaller and very not at all square existing opening took most of the day yesterday. we still have some work to do, but i think we're getting close to it fitting. next we need to work on matching the stain. we've had some bad luck with that, but hopefully the dark stain will be easier to match?

besides, now we have no door on the bathroom. and i think that might actually be worse than the louvered door...

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One Response to louvered door

Dennis and Su said...

Sorry but I found this post hilarious! Hope you get your sound deadening door with frosted glass SOON!


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