ARE number 3

i took my 3rd architectural registration exam yesterday morning. this one was programming, planning, and practice. i had heard that there was some overlap of information on the construction documents and the ppp exams so i only gave myself 3 weeks between them.

i thought the ppp exam was... interesting. i have absolutely no idea how i did. like the last exam, the graphics portion seem straight forward and more of a test of following directions and using their strange drafting program. and finishing on time. i think i did ok, unless i made some giant error that i don't know about. the multiple choice questions were all over the place. i felt that most of them had several answers that could have been considered correct, so it was just a matter of picking the one that was the most correct. i don't know how i did with that. there were only a few questions that i had no idea on. for the most part, i feel like i would have done the same on the exam even if i didn't study. the questions were more general and really not that specific to the information that i had studied. this exam has the highest failing rate though, so that's not comforting...

guess i'll see how i did in a few weeks when i get the letter in the mail!

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One Response to ARE number 3

Dennis and Su said...

Sounds really hard! Hope you did well. Of course I'd be surprised if you didn't!


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