say it isn't so!

i love love love mad men. it's one of my top favorite shows. ever. i have been counting down the premiere since the last episode last season. joan is back!

so tonight i turn on the tv and get a pop up message from at&t - they are having a dispute with amc and might be dropping that channel next week! what?? only weeks away from the premiere? not cool at&t, not cool at all....

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2 Responses to say it isn't so!

H HoopThiel said...

I LOVE Mad Men!! I'm hoping to tape it since we will have family in town. I'll have two weeks to figure out how my parents' DVR works. I am very excited about this new season ... so many things were developing in the last episode.

Will you guys be at dinner tomorrow? See you soon!

Dennis and Su said...

Ah, well. You can always watch it online! That's what I do with shows I either miss or can't get!


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