st. lucia

day 3 of the cruise = st lucia. mike and i actually went to st. luica for our honeymoon, so we were excited to go back and see the island. we had signed up for a catamaran tour, sailing down the west coast to the grand pitons and back.


it rained, on and off, for the entire day. we found out it was hurricane season in the carribean, and while the rain and bad weather usually come later in the summer, they were getting some storms the week of our trip. while we were disappointed that we didn't see much of the sun that day, at least the rain wasn't that bad (mostly just sprinkled), and we were on a boat anyway.


the boat tour only had one stop - and it just happen to be in the same bay as the resort that we had stayed at during our honeymoon! we all got off the boat for a quick swim.


this is where we stayed on our honeymoon - ti kaye is the name of the resort, it's not very big but the cabins, staff, and the food were all amazing. i would highly recommend it! it was fun to see it again.


we continued on our tour until we reached the grand pitons. you can see how dark the sky was! after pausing for photos at the pitons, the catamaran turned around and went back up the coast. on the return trip they were able to use the sails.


even with the rain, it was still a great tour. st. lucia is a beautiful island.

next up, antigua!

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