st. maarten

st. maarten was our adventure day. well, as adventurous as we get on vacation. we signed up for a bike tour of the city. riding along the boardwalk wasn't so bad (except when you were trying not to hit people and/or cars), but see those hills in the background? yeah... that was difficult.
speaking of difficult, do you know how hard it is to take pictures while riding a bike? this is why i only have pictures at the bottom of the hill, and then again at the top of the hill.

the island was beautiful, we only saw the dutch side, but i think we all agreed that this is an island we'd like to see more of.


we took a break on our way up the hill to take some pictures. it didn't rain while we were in st. maarten, it was just a little cloudy in the morning.

there's our ship, it looks so giant.

can you see the great bay salt pond in the distance?

we biked up to a fort, the view was beautiful.

i would highly recommend the bike tour, our guide was really knowledgable on the history of the city, and we were able to see many different things. after returning our bikes, we took a boat taxi (we could have walked, but a boat taxi just seemed fun) back to the beach. we had lunch on the beach, and then spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing.

i had to include the picture below - see the flag? ohio state fans are everywhere :-)


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