the kitchen: part 3, the island?

as we've thought about our kitchen renovation for the last 2 years, we've kept coming back to a few "needs" that have remained unchanged. we would like more countertop space and more functional storage. and i have always thought it would be nice to have a place for people to sit in the kitchen.

i have our house plan in cad and in sketchup, and have been working on a new layout on and off since we bought the house. a few of the designs included a kitchen island. since we have lived with the open kitchen for so long, we weren't sure how we'd like having an island in the middle of the space. a few months ago, i took the ikea butcher block top that we had on the top of our old media cabinet, sanded it down, and spent less than $10 at the hardware store on some 2x2s to make a base. it's not pretty, but i just wanted something that i could put in the center of the kitchen for us to try out.
it's been a couple of months now, and the conclusion? i love have the extra countertop space. it's a little tight, but still workable.
i didn't realize how messy the kitchen was when i took these photos! woops. oh-well, just keeping it real...

hope everyone is having a nice weekend!

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3 Responses to the kitchen: part 3, the island?

Dennis and Su said...

Your makeshift island looks good!

A messy kitchen is a kitchen well-lived in! ...and it doesn't look all that messy.

Steve Freeland said...

Hey Katie. A little Back link action.
See you at Thanksgiving!

Rachel Le said...

When we lived in our TINY apartment in Louisville, we used our kitchen table as counter space... since our actual counter top was only about 2 feet long :P Your setup just reminded me of that. Islands are great!


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