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growing up in a football obsessed city (go buckeyes!), i was a little unsure at first about baseball. the pace of a baseball game is so very different from football. but, the first year we lived in st louis the cardinals won the world series, and mike and i found ourselves really enjoying the game. we usually go to a few games a year and always have a great time.

5 years later, and they did it again! yay cards! so proud of our team, it was exciting to be downtown for the final game and see the celebration.
a friend was in town for a work conference and just happen to have a room in the hotel overlooking the stadium. the photo above was the view from her room!

in other news, mike and i have both been battling a nasty cold. it's been two weeks and i'm just now starting to feel better. we've been spending a lot of time watching movies and lounging on the couch.
i hardly ever get sick, go figure than when i do i'm sick for two weeks. although it's been kind of nice to have an excuse for being lazy :-)

a few of our friends visited a couple of weeks ago. we had so much fun hanging out with them, and they brought their new puppy! mike and i have been thinking about getting another dog, so we were curious to see what cooper would do with the puppy. she was so cute and tiny, i think they were friends by the end of the weekend.
and we did catch them napping together...
i think that it was good for him to have a friend to play with. mike and i have been having many conversations about if/when we should get another dog. we got reese and cooper as puppies (from the same litter) and never regretted having 2 dogs. after reese died, we agreed to wait a while before rushing to get a second dog again. i think we've pretty much decided that if we do get a dog, we want a younger one. but, cooper is a super easy dog, very well behaved and relaxed. i'm a little worried about getting a younger dog that will be more hyper and require a lot more work!

we might be going to look at some golden puppies this weekend, and knowing us, if we decide to go look, we'll probably come home with one....

if we do decide to get a new dog, anyone have any advice about adding a new puppy in to a house with a 7 year old (spoiled) dog and 2 cats??

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One Response to misc. updates

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Wow, I could never bring a puppy into our house, our cat would pee everywhere! I'm not sure the best way to introduce a new pup, I hope you get some good advice and that you feel much better!


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