the appliances were supposed to be the very last thing we purchased for our kitchen. our plan all along has been to break up this renovation in to smaller, more manageable budgets. having the money available to renovate the entire kitchen seemed overwhelming - so instead we'd thought we'd focus on just the cabinets first. and then work our way through smaller budget goals as we work our way through the kitchen renovation process. we thought we would end with the appliances.

as you know, i already bought just the cabinet door and drawer fronts at ikea on a "kitchen information gathering" trip. meaning, i bought cabinet doors and drawers before finalizing the kitchen layout/plan. not ideal, but so far i've still been able to working within those limits with the design.

the next logical step would be to focus on finalizing the plan and then purchase the cabinet boxes.

a month ago we stopped by best buy so mike could buy a video game. while he was looking at the game options, i wandered over to the appliance area.

we left the store with 2 new appliances. so much for having a plan.

but look, they are so pretty...

so here's the deal. i had been looking at the samsung fridge for a little while now. while not advertised (and therefore priced) as a counter depth fridge, it is only about 1" deeper than a counter depth fridge. i have looked at many other options, including the kitchenaid that would match our dishwasher. the kitchenaid is about twice the price. counter depth is esp. important in our kitchen because we are so tight on space. i also really wanted a french door fridge. so when i saw the samsung in the clearance section at best buy, i had to take a look. the fridge had been returned by a customer because of a small dent in the door and a very tiny scratch, neither of which are noticable unless you are looking for them. the fridge had been reduced to $900. it was never used.

sitting next to the fridge at the store was a samsung range. it was a discountinued floor model. nothing was wrong with the range, it was priced at $860. the range is an induction hybrid, and after doing some research, both mike and i were excited about the idea of an induction range.
so if you're keeping track, the retail price for both appliances is $3,200. they were marked down to $1,760. just for reference, i had $2,600 set aside in our kitchen budget for the range and fridge, hoping to get the appliances on sale. and most of that budget was for the fridge. the price difference was enough that mike and i started to seriously talk about making the purchase.

so we went to lunch, thought about it, and went back to best buy and told them we'd take both appliances if they would sell them to use for $1,550. we were fully planning on neogiating some with the price, but threw out what we thought was a low offer. and they accepted!

so we paid $1,550 for $3,200 worth of appliances, including free delievery - 48%!! and, we turned around and sold our old, but still functional, range on craigslist for $150, which we put directly back in to the kitchen budget.

everything was delivered right before thanksgiving and so far we are loving the new appliances. the fridge actually keeps things cold! and makes ice! i've noticed that our produce lasts much longer in this fridge, which is an unexpected plus. and the range is amazing - it's much nicer than what we had thought we'd end up with, but the induction cooktop is way cool, we've really been enjoying cooking on it.

hope you all are enjoying friends and families and the holidays. we had a great visit to ohio and have been enjoying relaxing at home the last few days.

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7 Responses to appliances

InteriorGroupie said...

Wow - what a deal! x2! Both appliances look great, and I think it's great that they accepted your offer - what a bonus! How do you like the induction range?

Dennis and Su said...

Wow! You did well! So do you like the French doors? Do you like the Samsung brand? A fridge is the last kitchen appliance we need to get. Ours still works but I'd like to have one in mind before we need one.

Katie said...

interior - i love cooking on the induction range. this range is a hybrid - so there are 2 induction and 2 regular burners. the temperature is so responsive. when we first got it, we put on a pot of water just to see what it would do. it boiled in about 90 seconds (big pot of water too) and then would stop boiling instantly if we reduced the heat at all. we did have to get a few new pots and pans, but it's been worth it.

su - i have nothing bad to say about the samsung brand so far, everything has been working great. the style matches the kitchenaid dishwasher, which is a bonus. the french doors are great. i feel like we have so much more usable space. we use our fridge much more often than we use the freezer, so having the fridge on top is nice. after looking at all of the different types of fridges, the french door style seemed to make the most sense to us. we had this fridge picked out awhile ago, like you i was worried that ours would suddenly stop working and then we'd be in a rush to get a new one.

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Holy crap! We spent over $1550 on just our range. Oh well. Great job on your research and finding that killer deal!

Tanja @ Postmodern Hostess said...

Congrats! Both on having new appliances and on getting such great deals! We have that same Samsung fridge and are super happy with it. I love the gentle little chime that lets us know if we've left the door ajar. :-)

Dennis and Su said...

Right. I've been wanting a bottom mount freezer for years but our fridge refuses to die! (lol) Stuff gets lost on the bottom shelf. Thanks for your input!

Your kitchen is looking great!

Jeff Taylor said...

You surely know how to make a deal! I bought the same Samsung refrigerator you have two months ago and I’m really happy with it. Too bad I only learned about how you got a great deal with those two appliances just now; I would have loved to purchase an electric range.


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