the kitchen design

you'd think, that since i've had so much time to work on the kitchen layout, i would have had this figured out a long time ago. not so much...

in order to see how i finally came to the final design, i thought it would be interesting to see some of the process. and sadly this is only a small portion of the process, i have so many cad plans, sketchup models...

in the beginning my number 1 goal was to expose the window that is currently behind the fridge.


the design above opened up the window and created a galley style kitchen. i decided that the layout was kind of odd in the room, and it really wouldn't be very functional for us since we are a two cook household.


then i looked at a similar layout, only with an island so that we could walk around the entire space. in reality, this design didn't have very much storage and no added counter space.



i gave up on the window. i really really really wanted to have that additional window and natural light, esp. since the existing window is in great shape. but trying to work around the 3 doorways and the additional window was limiting the design. since i couldn't move the doorways, i decided to see what i would gain if i left the window covered. the layout above is similar to what we currently have. an added bonus is that we wouldn't have to do any major plumbing work since i was only slightly shifting the sink and dishwasher.

white kitchen A perspective

or maybe white cabinets all the way to the ceiling with a built-in island?

white kitchen A

look at all of that storage!

white kitchen c perspective

then i combined a few ideas and tried to keep a similar layout to what we have now, only with more cabinets. at this point i also put the design in the ikea kitchen planner and started using standard ikea kitchen sizes. luckily, the standard sizes fit nicely in the space, but it's going to be a tight fit.

white kitchen elevation c

this is the design that i took with me on my initial ikea trip.

white kitchen c perspective 2

during that trip i learned that the door style i wanted was discontinued - and 70% off. the store had a limited selection of doors and drawer fronts left. they did not have enough of the small doors for the upper cabinets. so i did some re-design while at the store and come up with the plan below.

house (2)

the range hood helps to break up with wall of cabinets. i have all of the door and drawer fronts for this design. at the time i thought that this would be the final design, but after thinking about it...

kitchen light

i've already made a few revisions. i think that i have the design finalized now and mike and i will be traveling to chicago soon to get the cabinet boxes.

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6 Responses to the kitchen design

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

That looks like a fabulous layout! Even though I can't reach anything in my uppers, I still love that I can shove things up there at the ceiling :)

Jen @ RamblingRenovators said...

I really like your final plan! That's a huge amount of storage. The open shelving and range hood breaks it up nicely.

Dennis and Su said...

Very nice!

StarKitchens said...

Really innovative and very useful blog you have created. I love the way you display sketch up models of kitchen design. Keep rocking.

Mike Aurthur said...
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Poulin Home Design said...

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