not a good hiding place

we've been assembling the ikea cabinets a few at a time in our living room. this has been working out well because we haven't gotten overwhelmed with the assembly process, and we've been able to have the cabinets all ready to go when we're ready to install each specific one. the downside of ikea cabinet assembly is that you will end up with giant piles of cardboard and plastic.


the other night we were putting together a particularly complicated cabinet (tall pantry cabinet, it came in 9 various boxes), so our pile of trash just kept growing. once the pile grew to be too tall for me to step over, i decided to just step on the box pile. i was just about to put my foot down when i noticed a fuzzy tail sticking out from beneath the box pile.


not a good hiding place trevi...

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One Response to not a good hiding place

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Oh jeez, my cats do this to me all the time. They also hide in my bedding and sometimes I flop down on them...whoops!


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