seating in the kitchen

providing some kind of seating in the new kitchen was always on my priority list. we put together a temporary island a few months ago and there were many times where i almost just bought some inexpensive stools from overstock. i'm glad i waited, because as the kitchen design progressed, the kind of stool that i wanted changed.

i'm still not 100% sure what the new island will look like, there is a good chance it will be slightly modified, better constructed version of the temporary island. we are hoping to re-use the butcher block top that we already own. since we are tight on space, i think it would be best if the stools could slide completely under the island when not used (so no back on the stools).

i was hoping to find something vintage, but i'm not having much luck. i keep coming back to this stool from industry west, with a wood seat. the only reason why i haven't bought it yet is because with shipping, the price for 2 stools is a little more than i wanted to spend.
when looking for a less expensive option, i found this one from world market:

except i didn't really like it as much in the picture online. i had forgotten about it, until i was in world market over the weekend and saw it in person:
i think it looks much better in person, and i was happy to see that it actually has 4 bars across the bottom, not just 2 as shown online.

so here's my problem... world market sent me a coupon today and i think i could get these stools for 25% off. that means that the stools from world market would be about half of the final cost as the industry west stools. but i really like the industry west stools better. do i hold out and just buy what i wanted in the first place?

has anyone seen/bought these industry west stools? they look nice online...

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One Response to seating in the kitchen

Melissa said...

I would go for the World Market stools unless you are absolutely in LOVE with the others. That's a huge savings and the styles are pretty similar. I'm sure you would grow to be happy with either one. Good luck!


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