catching up...

in addition to working on the bathroom, we've also made some progress on re-arranging rooms and furniture upstairs in preparation for baby. these photos are a few weeks old, but since everything is still in process, i haven't taken any updated photos yet.
this is the room that will become the baby room.  we are planning to keep the dark blue wall color (it looks really dark in this photo, i promise it does have lot of blue in it).  all of the furniture has been moved to the new guest room, we are in the process of getting new furniture for the baby's room.
this is our former office, which we have turned in to the guest room.  the desk (already moved in the photo above), the rug, and the ikea chair are the only furniture that we are keeping upstairs, everything else has been moved to storage in the basement.

and finally the den. we are turning this room in to family room and office space. since the baby room isn't very big, we are hoping that we can keep a lot of the future toys in this room instead.  we bought a couch for this room a few months ago and it is being delivered tomorrow.  i'm a little nervous that it will not fit up the stairs.  i'm also nervous because we haven't actually sat on the couch that we bought.  we really wanted a certain west elm sofa but they did not have it in the store.  so i'm hoping that they are able to get it up the stairs, and that it is comfortable!

we have a busy weekend planned, so check back next week for updates.

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