the weekend

saturday morning - we woke up early to get ready for the sectional delivery.  the sectional that was supposed to go upstairs...  and then didn't fit.  such a huge disappointment.  they ended up leaving the sectional in our living room so we could test it out and see if we liked it in that space (we have also been shopping new sofas for the living room).  after living with it for 24 hours we decided that a sectional really doesn't work in that room.  and we also discovered that the frame was bent on one side, so the sofa was damaged anyway.  we are in the process of negotiating a return of the sectional.  i think that we'll end up exchanging it for a different sofa from west elm for the living room.  i hate to buy another sofa without seeing it in person and testing it out, but it is what it is. 

saturday afternoon - after a rough start in the morning, we spent way too long trying to establish a level line on the bathroom wall to start tiling.  the good news is that the tiling went pretty quick after that and we're loving how it's turning out.  the bad news is that we still have a lot of tile to go!  we have 1.75 walls done out of 7.

sunday - rugby day!  and it rained the entire day.  this is what mike looked like at the end of the game.  just a little muddy...  and that's a giant puddle behind him, not a pond.  

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One Response to the weekend

Dennis N Su Jones said...

The sofa and the tile look great! Mike? Not so much! lol

We also got a damaged sofa but fortunately had no problem getting it replaced. Good luck!


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