outside part 2

The weekend was a productive one - we booked a moving company, got some boxes and started packing, and had our first big house shopping trip at Lowes! All the little things that we'll need will really add up fast... I think that the most exciting purchases were the little paint sample cans and the painting supplies. You'll see why the paint is exciting in the next few posts, but first, the backyard as promised:

One of the things that we really wanted with our new house, but had a hard time finding, was a 2 car garage. We also needed a good size back yard for our dogs. Our poor dogs have been without a yard for the past 2 years and we kept promising them we'd get a yard for them soon :-) The tree in the backyard is kind of sad looking, I guess that some big branches came down in a recent storm. We're thinking that we'll do some landscaping and try to plant some additional trees. Eventually we'd like to put in a privacy fence instead of the chain link and paint the garage to match the house.
The house already has a nice big deck and a little porch off of one of the upstairs bedrooms. When we got the home inspection, our inspector told us that we'd need to put some kind of deck sealer on the wood b/c it's starting to twist in a few places. We've been looking at patio furniture and hope that we can find a good sale at the end of the summer. Here's one last picture of the backyard looking out from the kitchen. The tree looks a little better...

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