gingerbread house party

Last night we had our first party at the house - a gingerbread house making Christmas party! Mike and I have been working hard on the house for the last few weeks trying to get everything ready, and we finished all of the projects we wanted to have done just in time! But I'll save those pictures for another post... here are some of the gingerbread houses:
The A-frame house from Trader Joes, by far the coolest kit. Look at all those fun people!

My friend Megan couldn't find a kit so she decided to make her own gingerbread, she made Snoopy's house, complete with Woodstock and Charlie Brown.
Stacy got the award for being the most creative, she made a 1/2 gingerbread, 1/2 pretzel rod cabin. Unfortunately the house wouldn't stay together, so this was as far as she got.
Here's our house, do you like my snowman and the dog on the sled?
Everyone had a great time decorating the houses, eating lots of food, and of course, watching Christmas Vacation twice :-)

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One Response to gingerbread house party

Dennis and Sue said...

I don't know where you get your energy! Those houses are very cute and look good enough to eat! (natch!)


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