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I don't have any pictures to post today, but I feel like I should at least write an update... We went to Columbus for Thanksgiving, it was nice to have a long weekend away from working on the house (and eat way too much delicious food!) Before we left we were able to get 4 coats of poly on the floors in the kitchen. But... Trevi, as usual, decided to get in trouble and waited until we had put the last coat on, and then walked across the floor. We got up early on Wednesday morning to sand out the paw prints and re-coat before we left for the weekend. Unfortunately the squares that we had to patch are now cloudy looking compared to the rest of the floor. I'm not really sure why those areas dried cloudy, the rest of the floor looks fine. Anyone have any ideas? It was water based poly and we followed the directions on the can. The paw prints were on the very top surface so we didn't have to sand very much at all, no more than what we had sanded between coats.

The past 2 night we've been slowly putting the kitchen back together. Last night we finally moved the range back into the kitchen, and then... wait for it... cooked our very first meal on our kitchen!! We made spaghetti, nothing special, but it tasted sooo good. We also baked a few cookies, they were also delicious :-) I love those already prepared break-and-bake cookies.

Yesterday we decided that we want to try to host a small christmas party for some of our friends on Dec. 13th. We have a lot of little things that I'd like to get done before the party - hang a new light fixture (or 2), put up some new blinds, maybe paint the entryway/hallway downstairs, finish up some details in the kitchen... We're also going to go get our tree tonight and I'll make sure to post some pictures of the tree once we have it all decorated. I loooooooove christmas so I've very excited to have a house to decorate!

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