the secret project

Remember a few month ago, when my grandparents, mom, and brother visited? And I said that Mom and Grandma were working on a secret project?? Well, it's finally time to unveil what it is! Here is the "before"... the last pink thing in the previously all pink living room:

They made us new roman blinds! Yay!!! Thanks to all of you who responded to my post awhile ago asking for opinions/advice on what to do with the living room blinds. Almost everyone said that they thought the roman blinds would look best, and luckily for me, Mom and Grandma said they could sew some up for us! The best part is that they were able to do all 4 for the same price that 1 would have been if I bought them from a store.

Um, yeah.... that's not a ghost outside our window, that's what happens when you try to use a fan to get the spray paint dust outside when painting radiators. The dust gets stuck to the screen, and you have a floating white circle. Good times. Maybe we'll just pretend it's a ghost, that actually sounds better.

Anyway, back to the blinds. Here is the amazing after!! Thanks Mom and Grandma for all your hard work, we love how they look! I also love how the cushion and pillows for the window seat turned out, they look so much nicer than anything I could have done.

Here is how they look open: yep, still look super great. Sorry for the bright camera flash reflection, I was trying to distract you from the spray paint ghost.They also made 2 matching pillows to put on the couch, but in my excitement to post pictures of the blinds, I forgot to take pictures of the couch.
I bought the paisley fabric on one of my trips back to Columbus. I really liked how it has some gray in it, it works really nicely with our gray rug. Plus it looks great with our green couch. The fabric on the pillow and the fabric on the blinds is the same fabric, only the blind fabric is a few shades lighter and matches the walls perfectly. Love it! Thanks again to Mom and Grandma for all your hard work. Oh, and Grandpa too, I heard you had to help with some of the parts for the blinds.

Bye pink blinds! You're not even worth saving for our next garage sale...

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One Response to the secret project

Rachel said...

Hurray! You have some very talented relatives.


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