Guess what?

We've decided to go ahead and have the floors upstairs refinished!! See, even though we're not doing very much work on the house right now, we're still moving forward! Earlier in the week we joined Angie's List (online site that lets members provide honest feedback on various companies in their city) to see which floor companies were recommended. We set up estimates with 3 companies, but after the first guy came last night, we decided to just go ahead and hire him. We had already had 3 other companies come out a few months ago to discuss the downstairs floors, so we knew what we were looking for. His price is reasonable, he seems to know what he's doing, and most importantly (to me anyway), he's the one who would actually be doing the work and I feel like I can trust him. I'm really excited!! This is an old picture of our bedroom floor, but you can see how it has paint on it. This room is actually in the best shape, the big back bedroom (den) has some kind of weird tape on it, and the smaller back room (to be guest room) is covered with that yellow carpet pad:He'll also refinish the hallway upstairs. The smaller bedroom at the front of the house (office) was the only room that didn't have carpet when we moved in. The floors in that room are actually a different type of wood, we think maybe hickory?, the rest of the floors upstairs are oak. We would like to refinish the office floors eventually, but since they don't need to be sanded and are in ok shape, we're going to leave that room alone for now. Then we can pack all of our furniture from upstairs into that room instead of having to move everything downstairs. The floor guy said he should be able to come back later and just buff that floor and apply a new coat of poly. Since it's a different type of wood, it won't match the rest of the rooms anyway. Hopefully it will all work out, I don't really want to have to move the furniture downstairs, esp. since some if it didn't fit up the stairs in the first place, and had to be brought in through the second story balcony door.

We've also been working on a couple of other smaller projects, hopefully we can finish those up soon and I can post some pictures. I think that now that we have the floors scheduled, we'll probably start working again in the next week or so. We need to do some things upstairs to prepare for the floor guy (he's starting Feb. 9th, did I mention that?) and I want to try to paint the bathroom downstairs and fix up the built-in hutch.

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One Response to Guess what?

Dennis and Sue said...

So cool you are getting the floors done. We are anxious to see them.


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