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You may have noticed some new things in some of the pictures in the previous anniversary post. I've been a bad blogger lately :-) Mike got me a new camera card adaptor today though, so I decided to updated you on some new things we've gotten recently for the house. I'm really excited that we're finally at the point where we can start decorating and making this house more us. It's finally beginning to feel like our home.For Christmas, Santa brought us new white everyday dishes! I'd been wanting new dishes for awhile, we've just had a random assortment of dishes, so I was excited to unwrap these on Christmas morning. They look great on our new shelves! I got the little blue glasses on clearance at Anthropologie. I love that store way too much.

We finally planted some herbs in our white Ikea pots. I got this little greenhouse at Ikea too, I thought it would be great for our window to plant fresh herbs in, plus the cats can't eat the plants if we put them inside the greenhouse :-) We ended up just planting seeds cause we couldn't find any herb plants this time of the year. Beside the herbs, we also started some flowers for our garden. We may have started them too early, but we were excited about it. I've never started flowers like this before, so we'll see how it works out. Last weekend we started working on our picture wall in the living room. I've had this planned for awhile but was waiting on the keep calm carry on poster (I ordered in online, but I really wanted a gray one so I had to wait a little while until a gray one was available). I know that this poster seems to be very popular in the blog world, but I really like it so I got it anyway. Some of the frames still need to be matted, and I need to order some wedding photos for a couple of the frames, but they layout is at least started.I was going to wait until I was finished, but I like how it's turning out so far so I decided to write about it anyway. I can also add more pictures and frames to it over time. The sideways flower picture at the bottom and the statue picture at the top will be replaced with wedding photos. Today we got this new lamp for our living room from Target. Have I mentioned how much I am loving their Home Design event right now? I want almost everything. It's not showing up very well in the photo, but the lamp has a great greenish gray glass base and the lamp shade is very pretty.

Remember how I posted about those gray chairs the other day? We've been looking for a pair of chairs to put in our living room for awhile now, we have people over a lot and we really don't have enough seating. Anyway, we went to Target today to look at the chairs and really liked them... but we also were liking these other woven chairs. Both were on sale and there were only a couple left of each. We felt like we needed to act quickly if we wanted them. So we bought one of each and took them home to decide.
After some back and forth, we decided on the woven chairs. I really liked the gray chairs, but the woven chairs were much more comfortable, and I liked how they have a low back so you can still see most of the window. Plus, I think that in the future, we'll be able to adapt the woven chairs for different rooms in future homes. I also really like how they bring a new texture and natural element into the living room. They didn't come with back pillows, so we also bought the light linen pillows and the small gray pillows at Target too.
I love them! Normally I don't think I would like wicker chairs, but the boxy shape makes them seem very contemporary and I think they look great in our living room. Here's the overall living room picture again, I am just so excited about how it's turning out. We still want to get a coffee table and maybe a new tv stand, but there's no hurry on those things. It's the room we spend the most time in, so I am glad we're finally to start to personalize it.
Wow, I've been writing blog posts for most of the evening... meanwhile, the Steelers are going to the Superbowl!! Yay!!!

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One Response to other house news

Rachel said...

It's finally starting to look like a home! You can tell somebody lives there now :)

I like the new chairs. The gray ones were beautiful, but I think for that spot you made a good choice.

It's really coming together!


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