the one that got away

In the forever house post last week, I mentioned that we had found a different house earlier on in the search that we thought we wanted. I came across some pictures on my computer and thought it would be fun to post them. Everyone likes to look at houses, right? This house was a 1 bathroom, 2 bedroom, and 1 library house. That's right, it had a fabulous library - floor to ceiling built-in bookshelves, complete with a rolling ladder.... It had the most beautiful backyard with one of the biggest trees I've seen. The house was in a completely different neighborhood, in a much more urban area. The owners had just had a baby and wanted to sell quickly, so they were asking a very fair price. We went to see it twice and were going to put in an offer after our second visit, we just didn't act quickly enough. The owners got several offers and we couldn't compete. I was in the final weeks of my thesis project and was already so stressed with school, I probably shouldn't have been looking at houses. In the end, I'm glad that we didn't get that house, it was much smaller overall, the backyard wasn't very big and had too much landscaping for our dogs, and the street wasn't the greatest. But sometimes I wonder what it would have been like if we were living there instead... We'd certainly have more free time, which I could spend reading in that great library! :-)The living room, please excuse my horrible picture, I was only getting about 2 hours of sleep a night at this point. What's with the houses we like and horrible wallpaper?
The (very red!) dining room
The updated kitchen. At some point someone had removed the wall between the kitchen and the living room, you're seeing the kitchen island behind the couch in the first picture. It was a strange layout. The original floor plan was very similar to our floor plan though, just smaller.
The biggest bedroom. The closets were not deep enough for hangers in this room. And I think it has it's own door into the library.
Smaller 2nd bedroom.
The giant bathroom!! It needed some updating but was just huge! It was the only bathroom though.The second floor laundry. My guess is that this was actually the location of the original bathroom and the giant green bathroom used to be a 4th bedroom.And the 3rd bedroom/library. Swoon. Sorry for the dark picture, but look at that bay window and those bookshelves... so what if the room was only about 6' wide and could never be considered a bedroom...

Backyard with really nice landscaping. Look at the size of that tree! This picture is the entire backyard (I'm standing by the backdoor), so not so great for the dogs.
Yeah, now that I look at these pictures again I love our house even more :-) I'm glad things worked out like they did! Anyway, thought you all might want to see what else we were considering.

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2 Responses to the one that got away

Rachel said...

Drool... I've always wanted a library with a rolling ladder...

I'm glad you got the house you did though :)

Dennis and Sue said...

I also think you bought the right house. The little garden this one has is quite nice for people but not big happy dogs.


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