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I promise that we've been working on our house! For the last few weeks we've been doing a lot of research on different flooring options and prices, talking to some contractors, doing some online shopping/wish list creating... so I didn't really have any pictures to post. But, we got a lot done over the weekend (well, we both got a lot done on Saturday, Sunday I was pretty worthless cause I had a bad cold, but Mike was super productive!). I still need to take pictures, so I'll try to take those tonight and have a new post hopefully tomorrow.

Along with the last post about the other house we were considering, I thought it would be fun to show you some pictures of our old apartment! Some of you were lucky enough to come visit us and see our apartment in person :-) We lived on the first floor of a 2 story duplex near my school. We lived in this apartment for 2 years and loved it. It was in a nice neighborhood, the rent was very reasonable for the area, and we had a great relationship with our landlords. But, we wanted to buy a house so we had to say goodbye to our apartment. We would have loved to buy a house in that area, but home prices were probably double what we paid for our house, and way out of our budget. These pictures are from right after we moved in, we actually rearranged the furniture about a year later and I liked that layout better. I couldn't find any exterior pictures, but at least you can see the inside :-)
The front door is the one on the left, we had a really long dining/living room and we didn't really use the front half as much. This is the other side of that front room. The desk at the front was supposed to be where I did my school work, but I always seemed to end up working on the couch instead.
Our tv/dvd area. Mike has a lot of dvds, we ended up getting another shelf and filled that one up too. This is also our old tv, it was so heavy and I am glad we aren't moving it around with us anymore!across from the tv. We also painted most of the apartment before moving in, these 2 rooms were bright red and yellow, not really our style. Behind the green chair. I also did a lot of my school work at this table. When we rearranged we put this table in the front room where the tan couch is. We moved the tan couch to where this table is, moved the green chair over, and used the cube bookshelf as a divider between the 2 rooms. Hard to explain but it really was a better layout.The kitchen. It was nice and updated, pretty big for an apartment!Other side of the kitchen. I don't have a picture of it, but that doorway on the right in the picture above goes to a sunroom. The owners had replaced the screens with real windows and removed the door so we were able to use it as a finished room. This is where we put a lot of our storage, the dog cage, cat boxes, etc. Our bedroom. The people who had rented before us painted it this color and we really liked it. The room had a lot of windows so it was still nice and bright. This room also had a super tiny closet, not big enough to hang clothes in.
Our giant mirror. I designed this mirror and Mike and I built it right before we moved to stl. I'd always wanted a big mirror like this to lean against the wall but they are so expensive! The actual mirror is one that we had removed from the condos when renovating, so all we had to buy was the wood to make the frame. I think it cost us around $50? We also made the tv stand for the giant tv. We still use that stand, but now it is really too big for our new tv. The other bedroom (and Cooper). And the other side of the bedroom. The wall you can't see had 2 big closets, so we just kept all of our hanging clothes in this room. By the way, elliptical machines (exercise thing in picture above) are really had to try to fit (as far as layout/design) into rooms... And finally, the bathroom.

Hope you enjoyed the tour :-) I always think it's fun to see the different places people live and how they make each space their own.
Check back later in the week, hopefully I'll find time to update with new pictures from the weekend.

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Marge said...

That seems like it was a really great apartment-- and big! That's so fun that your co-worker is an extra... honestly had I been in town I probably would have auditioned. :) Such a fun experience.


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