Last weekend I were planting grass seed while wearing shorts and a tank top. It was in the 60s/70s all week. This morning we woke up to this:

and I thought Ohio's weather was crazy!

PS - any thoughts on the new blog layout? I don't think I like it... I don't like how the archives and the "about me" stuff is all at the bottom. I do like how the text is wider and how I can post (potentially) larger pictures. Don't be surprised if I keep working on it :-)

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3 Responses to what?

Rachel Le said...

The weather is crazy here too :(

I'm not a fan of the new layout either.

Anonymous said...

The new layout is easy on the eyes and uncluttered. I give it a two thumbs up.
I live in Ohio and 37 degrees with snow expected tonight.


Dennis and Sue said...

I liked your old layout better as well but "rusbeltrebel" is correct about the minimalist look. That can be appealing but says nothing about you. Please keep your banner though. Love that!


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