I realized when I posted about the guest room I forgot to include photos of our other 2 rooms. The office is coming along, the top cap for the baseboards turned out to be the wrong color after staining (even though we followed the same process as the crown molding, which is a perfect match, grrr) so we need to somehow fix that and install it later. But we started to set up the desk and the bookshelf. We are also keeping a few boxes in this room, just to get them out of the way. We have a functioning office! I would like to eventually get a new desk chair, new blinds, hang something on the walls...
The den / brick room is kind of set up, we plugged in the tv and set up the elliptical (exercise) machine. The other half is just being used for storage. We still need to remove the wallpaper and paint, but I think that project is being pushed back because we can still use the room as it is while we work on other things.

Last night we decided to start looking at patio furniture. We have 2 chairs and a little side table that we bought when we moved in. That is fine for just us, but we hope to have people over to cookout more this summer, and once we start landscaping it would be nice to have a place to sit outdoors. The conclusion after last night's shopping trip - patio furniture is super expensive!!! I had seen a set a Home Depot a few weeks ago that I liked, it was $199 and came with a square table and 4 chairs. After going to several other stores, I decided that was probably the best that we could afford right now so we went to get it... and it was gone. I came home and looked around online and discovered (through Making It Lovely's blog) that Home Depot had put it on sale for $149 last week and they were selling out. So I got up extra early this morning and went to a different Home Depot on my way to work. They had one, but only the display and it wasn't in that great of shape. And they wouldn't discount the price any. After much back and forth and calling all of the stores in the area, I have a set on hold for me at another Home Depot, I'm hoping to go pick it up over lunch or after work. But here's the only picture I could find, also borrowed from Making It Lovely:
We really wanted a rectangular or oval table that we could put 6 chairs at, but those really jumped up in price. I think that this will work for now, we can always get a bigger/better set later in life when we (hopefully!) have more $$ :-) We might still try to get another couple of chairs or something later in the summer when patio furniture starts to go on sale.

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Marge said...

I love love love your exposed brick wall! Love it! :) Also-- there is a huge garage sale tomorrow at 8am in Webster Park- I've seen a lot of outdoor furniture advertised, you may want to check it out!


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