katie vs. crown molding: round 3

Katie: 2, Molding: 2Katie: 3, Molding: 2
We were able to finish the crown molding in the room and it looks, well, decent. Just don't look too closely... I think that even though we beat the battle of the crown molding, in reality, no one was really a winner. I don't think we'll be doing that again any time soon.
In other news, we're still waiting on the grass, and it's supposed to snow again tomorrow.

Mike's upstairs putting together the computer in the office as I type this, we need to install the top cap of the baseboards after the stain dries, but I think we can start working on the guest room this week!

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2 Responses to katie vs. crown molding: round 3

Rachel Le said...

Well it looks good from here anyway ;) Sounds like it was an epic battle!

Yes, we've heard about the tax credit... pretty excited about that :)

Marge said...

It's looking great! I can't believe the snow today-- we were talking about seeding this weekend but put it off until next. Looks like this week will be taping off the bathroom to paint instead!


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