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We've been slowly putting the office back together. The walls are painted, the ceiling is done... we still need a new light fixture but can live with the bare bulb look until we find something we like. But the baseboards... and the crown molding... it is much more time consuming to install stained woodwork than it is white painted woodwork. Plus we're having to match the stain colors of the new woodwork to what is existing in the room. We are spending a lot of time doing test stains, samples, trips to Lowes to buy more stain, not to mention trying to actually find all of the different pieces we need. Our baseboards are made out of two pieces, plus we needed shoe molding. We decided that easiest (so it seemed!) and least expensive solution to our baseboard dilemma in the office was to buy one new matching bottom half for the wall that has nothing, and then replace the top piece all around the room. We cannot find a new matching top piece, and the custom mill option isn't worth the cost for the little bit we need. Then, we can salvage the top pieces to use elsewhere in the house as needed. This is taking some time, but we're working and moving forward. Mike also re-wired the outlets in the room over the weekend, they were previously mounted on top of the baseboards and we wanted them recessed. Last night we installed the shoe mold. The pictures are from over the weekend, we've done a little more since then, I just haven't taken new pictures...We had to removed the old baseboards and cut 1/4" off the bottom because the tallest shoe molding we could find was still not tall enough to cover the darker stained portion at the bottom (previously covered up by carpet). You can see what I mean on that little piece at the bottom left of the above picture. Then we had to attach some blocking in a few places to have something to reattach the baseboards too.

Um, yeah... This is probably not how you're supposed to do electrical work... We were also working on cutting down the show molding.

Reese and Cooper were helping. Like the new rug?? I found it at Lowes, it was in the clearance section, originally $75, reduced to $25. Yay! It has a black border around it, I think it will look nice with our darker office furniture.

We need to get a lot done this coming weekend, we have some visitors coming in a few weeks and I want to have the guest room done so they have someplace to sleep! We're planning on finishing up the office this weekend (finishing the baseboards and installing the crown molding) and then start moving all of the furniture and boxes out of the guest room so we can start to work on painting, etc.

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Rachel Le said...

Lookin' good! Sounds like a tricky process.


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