Last Saturday, our downstairs thermostat looked like this:For the past week, it's looked like this:I guess this is what happens when your original thermostat was never installed correctly, and you figure this out after you try to install a fancy new programmable thermostat.... and somehow the air conditioning stops working in the process. We tried to re-install the old thermostat, but the air conditioning still won't work. The guy that installed the air conditioning last summer is coming on Monday to hopefully fix it.

Good news - we have duel zone air conditioning, so at least we still have air conditioning upstairs at night while we sleep.

Bad news - it's been extra hot and very humid for the past week.

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2 Responses to toasty

Dennis and Su said...

Oh no! Hope it's fixed QUICKLY!

Marge said...

Oh my gosh I totally feel for you! Our old thermostat went out hours before we were hosting a party and we had to run to Lowe's to get a run one. Thank God it worked after the hubs installation! It is still hanging off the wall though because we haven't mounted it yet... Oh the joys of plaster!


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