let me outta here!

sooo... for those of you that own dogs, i'm sure that you know that sometimes, dogs get sick. and when a dog gets sick, it can be very very very gross. our dogs are generally pretty healthy - they only eat their dog food and some occasional treats, they don't eat any table scraps or anything like that, so luckily, they don't get sick very often. but when a 75# dog does get sick... bad scene.

the other night, i got home late and walked in the front door and was greeted by the most. horrible. smell. ever. it was so bad that i didn't even fully enter the house. i yelled for mike (who was upstairs) and asked him what was going on. he replied that a dog had gotten sick at some point during the day and he had already cleaned it up but was upstairs trying to avoid the overpowering gross smell. then he tells me to go look in the kitchen and see if i notice anything.

now, the dogs are gated in the kitchen during the day while we're at work, so the kitchen is where they were when one of them got sick. it was now very clean, but it still smelled horrible. i started looking around the kitchen and finally notice what mike was talking about...

they (i'm assuming the one that was sick, which was cooper) had chewed the door knob. the new doorknob on the back kitchen door, the one we had installed not that long ago... it was destroyed. the thumb latch is completely missing, the knob is very dented and scratched. i was certain i was going to find dog teeth on the ground, i have no idea how the dog didn't hurt himself by chewing it like that.

i didn't know if i should be impressed that the dog realized that the knob was the key to getting outside, or annoyed that we now need to replace it all over again. i also am unsure if the dog was trying to get outside before he got sick, or if he got sick and was then afraid he'd get in trouble for making a mess? either way, i can't believe he chewed the doorknob! if we didn't have a deadbolt on the door, i'm pretty sure he would have gotten outside. the door itself was fine, as was everything around it.

and i did take a picture to share with you all but my home computer has some kind of nasty virus and i'm unable to do anything with it right now. i'm posting this from work. hopefully we can get the home computer fixed soon!!

oh, cooper seems to be fine now, although i'm kind of afraid to know what happened with the missing piece of the doorknob...

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2 Responses to let me outta here!

Dennis and Su said...

Yeah. I remember what it was like when our dog used to get sick, which was often. She'd eat stuff she found outside with BAD results. So nasty!

So, did you ever find that bit of the doorknob?

Katie said...

no, no we did not...


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