round 2 - us vs. 528: part 2

i was playing around with blogger this morning and as of now, have a new blog to do list on the bottom left of the site. let me know what you think! now i just need to figure out how to cross items off as we complete them... but here is the current list with some comments/explanations:

- level floors
- install new floors
- install quarter round

*this will be what we work on next. we will be installing new floors on the entire first floor, except for the kitchen and bathroom. i've requested a few samples to be sent to our local floor guy and am working on some price negotiations. hopefully i'll have something to report on all of this in the new few weeks.

- fix door knob
- fix or replace screen door - did i mention that our screen door broke a few weeks ago? i guess we've moving past just the renovation phase and into some general maintenance!

- new blinds
- new light fixture
- figure out what to do with fireplace

- repair original front door
- install original front door
- fix stairs
- strip and stain stairs
- remove wallpaper
- paint walls
- paint ceiling
- replace light fixture

*this entire project is going to be expensive and very time consuming. i think we are going to need to hire a professional to help us install the door (since the opening has been reconfigured for the current door). we are planning on doing the stairs ourselves, but again, i think it's going to be a long process. we would like to do the painting and light fixture, but with the ceiling height, we need to figure out how we can get a ladder...

- organize closets - our plans of installing some kind of closet organization system have been put on hold (esp. after we realized how expensive they are!!) but we still need to organize the closets somehow. right now most of my clothes are just in stacks or laundry baskets around the room. the cats like it, but me, not so much.

- finish woodwork to match
- paint inside of closet

- finish baseboards (need to fix stain)
- replace light fixture
- new window treatment

- remove wallpaper
- paint room
- install quarter round
- new light fixture?
- new window treatment

*our den is the last entire room that needs to be worked on. we refinished the floors and have already painted the closet and ceiling, but we haven't done anything recently. it looks like this.

- remove wallpaper
- paint walls
- repair ceiling
- paint ceiling if needed

*when the air conditioning was installed (hurried before closing on the house) they did a horrible job at finishing the ceiling. they had to drop the ceiling in the upstairs hall by about a foot to run ducts into each of the rooms. the drywall work is just bad. we felt like we couldn't really say anything because we didn't pay for it, and they also helped us out by finishing the job quickly.


- replace louvered door - i can not wait for this project!!! who installs a louvered door on a bathroom anyway?? we already have the door and a really cool door knob (thanks mom and dad) we just need to find time to stain and install it.


- clean
- paint, paint and more paint
- organize

*there is a reason why i've never shown pictures of our basement on the blog. it has also been our workspace over the last year and is just filled with dirt and sawdust and random tools.

- landscaping!!!
- install new house numbers

- landscaping
- continue to work on lawn

- fix or replace overhead garage door
- fix or replace door

*our garage door opener also broke a few weeks ago so now we can't park our cars in the garage. the door is just too heavy to lift without the help of the garage door opener. the man door to our garage is also in bad shape and i'd like to replace it with something that is a little more secure.

as you can see, some of the projects are little weekend projects and some are much bigger. i'm sure i'll think of other things to add to the list as we go along, but i think this should keep us busy for awhile... :-)

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One Response to round 2 - us vs. 528: part 2

Mom and Dad said...

Ok, so I um.. am uh.. really busy. And besides I can't paint or strip any wall paper that can't be reached from a 6 foot ladder and I don't do power tools. Well, good luck with this list and I'll come out sometime to check out the results :)


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